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European Robotics Challenges (EuRoC)

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Call for End Users, Technology Developers and System Integrators

To register, please go to the .
If you have questions, please consult  the . If you cannot find an answer to your questions there, you can submit your question via e-mail to .
  • End Users: Manufacturing companies, either SMEs or large Enterprises, looking for robotic solutions for their production environment.
  • Technology Developers: Companies or research organizations developing innovative technologies (e.g. new vision system, cloud-based control software, etc.) and looking for an application of their technology in the industrial robotics domain.
  • System Integrators: Companies that specialize in bringing together robotic components/subsystems, developing and commissioning whole robotic systems.

Find out more at the EuRoC 2nd Info Day! 

You are interested, but would like to know more? 
The EuRoC Info Day will take place on Friday, 24 October 2014 at MUNICON CONFERENCE CENTER
There, the three  challenges and the challenge platforms will be presented by the EuRoC consortium. Special emphasis will be given to elaboration of the realistic lab stage and the roles of end user, technology developer and system integrator. Interested parties will be given the opportunity to present their use cases in person. 
For more information and registration:

The EuRoC Consortium 


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